Our Goals

Climate ReCovery

The climate emergency is real and existing buildings are a huge part of the problem. In Nova Scotia, 34% of our energy demand is used to heat our buildings.

Economic ReCovery

We see The ReCover Initiative as a promising economic driver with the potential to generate hundreds of well paying, full-time jobs across Canada.

Poverty ReCovery

Over 20% of Canadians live with energy poverty. Deep energy retrofits can reduce people's energy bills and also improve the comfort and air quality of their homes.

Open Source Handbook

We are all in this together. Scaling deep energy retrofits is critical to meeting Canada's climate targets. Our research and design work will be freely shared to support others to implement retrofit solutions.


There is a shortage of skilled workers in many parts of Canada. We will work closely with Canadian education institutions to ensure that future grads are skilled in building science and energy efficiency.


In order to ReCover as many buildings as possible, we are developing production, financial and policy solutions to propel this initiative to the scale needed. This includes automation and finding efficiencies where-ever possible.

ReCover All pre-'96 Buildings

By 2050 we aim to have all buildings built before 1996 brought up to a net-zero performance standard.

Partner with industry

We are working to create a strong network of construction industry partners to get this done.

Partner with government

Working with all levels of government is essential to upgrading our existing building stock. We thank the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines for funding and supporting the first phase of the ReCover Initiative.