Our Progress

Phase One is Complete

In Phase 1, the ReCover team designed a deep energy retrofit of a 3 story, 4 unit apartment building using the methodology described above. The recommended upgrades, with the addition of a solar photovoltaic array, reduce the building energy use by 75%, preventing 28 tonnes of CO2e from entering the atmosphere, annually.

Just some highlights of the research results:

Moving Forward: Phase 2

The Phase 1 case study report outlines much of the necessary planning for Phase 2. We are ready to get started. We require financial support to achieve the next phase in ReCover.

The total cost for Phase 2 is $790,467, including the cost of the pilot project retrofit, installing and using the monitoring equipment, developing a business plan, and performing a long-term economic and environmental analysis of the ReCover Initiative. There are still over 40,000 other units in low-rise multi-unit residential buildings built before 1996 in Nova Scotia. Help us bend the arc of emissions and re-imagine retrofits in Canada.