Our Core Team

Lorrie Rand

Design Director

Nick Rudnicki

Technical Director

Emma Norton

Operations Director

Our Advisory Committee

Adam Cohen
Passive Buildings Canada

Betsy Agar

Pembina Institute

Brendan Haley
Efficiency Canada

Fatima Crerar
The Atmospheric Fund

Gaby Kalapos
The Clean Air Partnership

Gord Hart

Efficiency Nova Scotia

Jesse Hitchcock
E Source

Karen Daniels
Nova Scotia Department of
Energy and Mines

Noreen Mabiza
Ecology Action Centre

Ralph Torrie

Torrie Smith Associates

Stephen MacDonald
Efficiency One

Our Research Team

Aaron Smith
M&R Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Energy Modeling

Liam Kidson
M&R Engineering

Electrical Engineering

William Marshal
Equilibrium Engineering

WuFi Analysis

Jim Nosted

Total Cost of Building OwnerShip