The ReCover Initiative has a grand vision. ReCover every eligible home in Canada. ReCover the economy from the Covid-19 pandemic. ReCover from our spiral toward runaway climate change.

Conventional methods of performing deep energy retrofits on buildings are slow and expensive, because every project is custom, as every building is unique. The ReCover Initiative is based on a systematic, modular approach to affordable deep energy retrofits, developed in the Netherlands, called Energiesprong.

The process involves wrapping the building in a new prefabricated skin and replacing the mechanical systems with smaller, more efficient components. This method is faster and less disruptive than a typical renovation, and it allows for occupants to remain in their home throughout the work. Additionally, following a systematic process reduces risk to the contractor and reduces costs to the owner.

71,200 kWh saved annually

We crunched the numbers.

By upgrading the building to Net Zero, we can eliminate 71,200 kWh of energy demand for this building.

76 Tonnes of CO2e

By carefully selecting the right building materials, and keeping an eye on the carbon footprint of the building process, we stand to store over 75 tonnes of CO2e in this building retrofit.

From forestry, to manufacturing, to administration, to engineering, ReCover has the potential to create hundreds of jobs in Nova Scotia.

By using locally sourced, low-carbon materials, we will reduce the carbon footprint of each retrofit project and in some cases, build carbon sinks.

Many of these materials will be sourced right here in Nova Scotia, so we can rebuild the local economy while creating sustainable careers.

ReCover is not a proprietary initiative

We’re building a community around our work to share our research and lessons learned. Our goal is to enable Nova Scotia to scale with the speed necessary to address climate change and build a sustainable economy.