ReCover is a non-profit organization based in Nova Scotia, dedicated to transforming Canada's building stock and tackling climate change head-on. We are at the forefront of pioneering scalable deep retrofit solutions in Canada. By harnessing cutting-edge research, technology, and collaboration with community, building owners and financial institutions, we are making waves in Atlantic Canada, reducing energy bills, and improving the well-being of Atlantic Canadians.

The market potential for deep retrofit solutions is enormous, and ReCover’s emphasis on scalability positions us as leaders in this space. We are dedicated to driving positive environmental, social, and economic change by transforming buildings into energy-efficient, climate-resilient structures.

Net Zero

Homes and buildings are the source of 17% of Canada’s GHG emissions. In Nova Scotia, this proportion is even higher at 42%. Increasingly stringent building and energy codes are improving the performance of new buildings. But across the country, tens of millions of existing buildings will need to be upgraded for Canada to meet its 2050 Net Zero target. Currently, Canadians retrofit just over 1% our building stock yet but this rate needs to be ramped up to 12%.

From forestry, to manufacturing, to administration, to engineering, ReCover has the potential to create thousands of jobs in Canada.

Using locally sourced, low-carbon materials, we will reduce the carbon footprint of each retrofit project and even build carbon stores.

Many of these materials will be sourced right here in Canada, so we can rebuild the local economy while creating sustainable careers.

ReCover is not a proprietary initiative

We’re building a community around our work, to share our research and lessons learned. Our goal is to enable the solutions to scale up with the speed necessary to address climate change and build a sustainable economy.