Our Principles

The ReCover Initiative is built on a core set of driving principles that we have used to guide our work.

Carbon Reduction

The race to get to carbon neutral by 2050 is on. ReCovering our buildings the right way can play a big part in not only reducing heating demand, but also in being a potentially significant carbon store itself.


Energy Poverty impacts 37% of Nova Scotians. We can do better. ReCover is focused on ensuring that people who need help the most get it first. We are focusing our efforts on rolling out ReCover in affordable and social housing .

Open Source

In order to get this retrofit solution rolled out at the scale and pace that is needed to get anywhere near our 2050 goals, we must develop solutions to be shared far and wide so that as many people as possible can help implement these kinds of solutions.

Local Production

The solutions we are developing need to be implementable as locally as possible. Local economies can benefit from being ReCovered, local industries can grow thanks to ReCover, and we can save a lot of carbon by making sure that materials are shipped as little as possible.