Our Results

Research Results

The ReCover team designed a deep energy retrofit of a 3 story, 4 unit apartment building using the ReCover methodology. The recommended upgrades, with the addition of a solar photovoltaic array, reduce the building energy use by 75%, preventing 28 tonnes of CO2e from entering the atmosphere, annually.

Just some highlights of the research results:

Whats Next?

We are presently working closely with municipalities across the country to discover and qualify buildings run by these municipalities that would be able to benefit from a ReCover retrofit. We are aiming to identify strong candidates for demonstration projects that would be completed by the end of '23.

We are also working on a strategy to help bring the ReCover method and process to as many people as possible. Actively researching panelization methods and techniques that will help streamline this into the lean, mean, retrofiting machine it needs to become in order to help address the climate crisis.